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Langenscheidt | Red Dot Design Award

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The deliberately cautious redesign of the Langenscheidt publishing group focused on optimising the cross-media applicability of the iconic trademark, the blue “L” against a yellow background. Removing the border, increasing the size of the yellow surface and adjusting the proportions meant that its appearance in small sizes could be improved, while the clarity of the colour contrast and the shapes are more defined. As a whole, the corporate design impresses with a flexible yet consistent system in terms of the application of the trademark and brand colour.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Langenscheidt GmbH & Co. KG, Munich
  • Design:
    KW43 BRANDDESIGN, Düsseldorf
  • managing director:
    Michael Rewald
  • managing director creation:
    Prof. Rüdiger Goetz
  • creative direction:
    Jürgen Adolph
  • art direction:
    Daniel Koval (Senior Art Director), Dennis Melskotte
  • text:
    Max Messinger
  • management supervisor:
    Christine de Groot
Langenscheidt | Red Dot Design Award