Annual Report

Langfristig denken. Antworten geben. | Thinking for the long term. Providing answers.

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For the first time, the Siemens Annual Report combines the two previously separate business and sustainability reports in one publication. Based on the overall theme of “Thinking long term. Providing answers.”, the report presents projects that reflect Siemens’ core business. The dual nature of the content – financial and non-financial performance indicators, already detectable in the key visuals of the title page – is a consistent basis for communications across all media. Its use in printed matter, online contexts, and architecture ensures that the message is conveyed across the board in the company’s media.

  • Client:
    Siemens AG, Munich
  • Design: gmbh, Munich
  • Creative Direction:
    Benjamin Klöck
  • Senior Design Direction:
    Thomas Tscherter
  • Art Direction:
    Sebastian Hoffmann, Lukas Millinger
  • Photography:
    Peter Rigaud
  • Text:
    Christoph Koch, Complan