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LARQ Bottle

LARQ Bottle | Red Dot Design Award

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Design and responsibility

Good quality drinking water is vital for people worldwide; however, in many parts of the world, it is not always readily available. Against this backdrop, LARQ represents an impressively innovative development, as this system is capable of automatically cleaning water anywhere. By means of proprietary LED technology, the bottle makes it possible to easily access clean water while on the move. The cleaning process is based on the emission of ultraviolet light in the UV-C range, which instantly destroys bacteria and viruses inside the water. In addition, this technology also prevents musty odours without the need for chemical treatment or otherwise onerous filtration processes. The design of the reusable LARQ Bottle is an answer not only to the problem of wasteful, single-use water bottles, but also to the fact that many people around the world lack access to clean water that is free of disease-causing waterborne microbes. Thus, this water bottle combines sophisticated functionality with clear lines and a stylish design vocabulary. Made of high-quality materials, its outer shell is made up of two sturdy layers that make it robust and highly durable. LARQ also impresses with an attractive colour scheme with a fresh appearance achieved through a two-tone powder-coated finish.

Statement by the Jury

Based on an innovative LED technology, the LARQ ­water bottle offers the fascinating possibility to easily produce neutral tasting, sterilised drinking water. Thus increasing the quality of life, it represents a trend­setting way to maintain the health of people. Elegant in shape and highly durable, it has adopted a simple construction and does without moving parts or filters that would otherwise need to be changed.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    LARQ, California, USA
  • In-house design:
    LARQ & Impel Studio
LARQ Bottle | Red Dot Design Award
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