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LBR iiwa

LBR iiwa | Red Dot Design Award

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Robots are used in industry today for many different tasks. They are meticulously programmed for highly effective and precise work performances. The LBR iiwa lightweight robot marks a new chapter in terms of interaction. It is able to feel its way towards objects, allows itself to be gently pushed away by people and withdraws from them automatically when touching them directly. The robot’s almost human capabilities are based on a complex concept. The iiwa is equipped with seven axis of which each has sensors of its own. Its actions are extremely precise and sensitive, and it learns by allowing itself to be guided. The slim design and light aluminium body both make it fast and provide high levels of flexibility. The smooth movements of the iiwa are inspired by and based on the functionality of the human arm. The design dispenses entirely with hard edges, making it highly user-friendly as this prevents any risks of injury and contusion. The LBR fulfils the highest safety regulations and therefore may work directly with people without the need for a safety screen. Alongside applications in the industry, this lightweight robot can also handle complex tasks in surgical medicine and even physiotherapeutic tasks in physical rehabilitation. With its innovative properties, the LBR iiwa offers new possibilities in various work environments – it embodies a friendly, interactively responsive assistant.

Statement by the Jury

The LBR iiwa represents a thorough redefinition of lightweight robots. Based on a ground-breaking concept, it emerged as an intelligent robot with astonishing properties. It possesses interactive sensitivity and operates with smooth movements, both of which emotionalise the work environment. It thus also lends itself to being used in new areas such as in surgical medicine and physical rehabilitation.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    KUKA AG, Augsburg, Germany
  • In-house design:
    KUKA AG, Achim Heinze, André Reekers, Dieter Schaab, Jorge Torres, Augsburg, Germany
  • Design:
    Selic Industriedesign (Mario Selic), Germany
LBR iiwa | Red Dot Design Award
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