Lebendige Erinnerung

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Raum-D is a therapeutic studio for people with dementia. Following a creative working approach, the studio offers patients new ways of dealing with their memories. Aiming to raise awareness for the Raum-D therapy programme in the region and in the local media, and also to sensitise the public to this complex topic, this exhibition traces the life story of a theoretical Alzheimer’s patient. A three-dimensional model of a brain invites visitors to learn about this person’s life story, memory by memory. The personal and historical milestones in the person’s life thus become accessible once more.

  • Client:
    Raum-D, Atelier für Menschen mit Demenz, Düsseldorf
  • Design:
    Ogilvy Germany, Düsseldorf
  • head of advertising:
    Thomas Schwarz
  • creative direction:
    Andreas Steinkemper
  • art direction:
    Paul Kuna
  • text:
    Kajo Strauch
  • project management:
    Anke Breuer