Brand Identity

Leckerbaer – Reinterpretations of Danish Classics

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Leckerbaer is a newly opened pastry shop in Copenhagen, offering all sorts of baked delicacies, desserts and sweet treats, reinterpreting Danish classics. The brand design embodies urbanism and craftsmanship, and presents Leckerbaer as something out of the ordinary. The simple patterns, bold typography and muted colour palette create a firm, yet calm and appetising setting for the delicate products. Inspired by the silhouettes of baking trays and cookie cutters, the logo is based on a composition of shifting geometrical shapes, revealing the contours of an “L” for Leckerbaer.

  • Client:
    Leckerbaer, Copenhagen
  • Design:
    Re-public, Copenhagen
  • Creative Direction:
    Romeo Vidner
  • Strategic Planning:
    Morten Windelev
  • Graphic Design/Photography:
    Romeo Vidner, Petra Ritzer (Assistant Designer)
  • Photography:
    Maria Schumann, Copenhagen