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LED Pod Light

LED Pod Light | Red Dot Design Award

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LED POD LIGHT is a desk lamp that uses detachable LED light pods instead of light bulbs. When the arm of the lamp is closed, the desk lamp is transformed into a night lamp with gentle lighting. When the arm is extended, 3 LED light pods work together as a complete light source. A one-touch switch on the lamp offers two convenient lighting modes: main lighting mode and night lighting mode. The intensity and angle of the light can also be adjusted, making it the perfect reading lamp. The light pods are easily removable and work as portable flashlights, wrist lights or functional hanging lights. As a wrist light, it comes with optional accessories and a one-touch button. As a flashlight or suspended light source, it can be used in different kinds of indoor emergency situations or outdoor activities. Lastly, a one-touch button on the pod allows the luminosity of each pod to be adjusted. The detachable light pods are waterproof and run on rechargeable batteries. Each pod comes equipped with a detachable USB port to recharge the battery. An indicator light turns red when the battery is being charged and turns green when the battery is fully charged.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Lonyung Led Lighting Co., Ltd, China
  • Team Lead:
    Hu Caishuang
  • Design:
    Ouyang Guofeng, Xiao Na, Yao Haijian, Ye Jin, Zhang Yongchang
  • Design partner:
    Shunde Polytechnic, China
  • Team Lead:
    Yao Meikang