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Leeum Interactive Project

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The Leeum Interactive Project was conceived to enhance exhibitions through digital media installations that allow visitors an in-depth exploration of elaborate traditional artworks on display. High-resolution photographs of the works are transferred into digital images and shown on a large screen. The visitors are invited to freely reduce, enlarge or move the images with the help of a tablet device. In addition, 360-degree spin photographs are taken to create quasi-sculptural objects that can be rotated, enlarged and adjusted freely to the desired viewing angle. Consisting of a simple navigator and a wheel button, the intuitive-to-use touch interface not only enables easy control of the images, but also helps visitors gain a fascinating, virtual hands-on experience of the artwork. Vibrantly standing out against a black background, the items are complemented by additional information explaining the characteristics of each object to foster a deeper understanding of them. The display monitor and the tablet are connected via Wi-Fi and are easily adaptable to different exhibition environments. Statement by the jury »In an impressively staged setting, the interactive installation for the Leeum museum presents exhibits with which users can directly interact. What is outstanding about this is the technical implementation on the one hand, and the high aesthetic and creative quality on the other, a quality that helps focus on and illuminate historical works in particular in a way that is hardly possible by other means.«

  • Client:
    Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art
  • Design:
    Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art
  • project management:
    Seong-Tae Kim, Doonam Lee
  • interface design:
  • creative direction/ graphic design:
    Kyungseok Hahm
  • programming:
    Kwanseok Hahm, Kyungseok Hahm
  • image editing:
    Hyojin Park, Sangwon Lee
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By starting the video, you agree that data, e.g. your IP address, will be sent to Vimeo.