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Leica S-Magazine – THE RANKIN ISSUE

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S-Magazine provides professional photographers who work with the Leica S-System with a platform to stage their productions. The third edition exclusively shows photos by the photographer Rankin. The 178-page issue presents nine photo series and nine different covers. Apart from presenting extraordinary photographs, S-Magazine is elaborately designed as well as excellently crafted and printed, thus reflecting the brand’s high quality standards. Just like the camera, the magazine aims to make a statement.

  • Client:
    LFI Photographie GmbH, Hamburg
  • Design:
    Tom Leifer Design, Hamburg
  • editor-in-chief:
    Inas Fayed, Frank Lohstöter Rankin
  • creative direction:
    LFI Photographie Tom Leifer Design Vicky Lawton, Rankin
  • art direction:
    Calum Crease, Evan Lelliott Adam Spink, Rankin Alessandro Argentato, Tom Leifer Design
  • photography:
  • production:
    Nina Rassaby-Lewis Maria Domican, Rankin
  • printing:
    Beisner Druck