Corporate Identity

Lemke Berlin – Independent Craft Brewery

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Craftsmanship and attention to detail during the brewing process is the idea behind the design of the corporate identity for the privately run Lemke Brewery in Berlin. The logo consists of a ligature of “L” and “B” using elaborate capital letters in historic letter press printing; it differs in colour and form for each type of beer. An additional symbol of the craftsmanship revolution is a hand clutching a sheaf of barley. The overall impression of the corporate design is one of a contemporary interpretation of traditional style elements.

  • Client:
    Brauhaus Lemke, Berlin
  • Design:
    nulleins™, Berlin
  • Creative Direction:
    Johannes Issing, Christoph Zielke
  • Art Direction:
    Johannes Issing, Christoph Zielke, Nora Sauterleute