Karaoke Microphone

Lenovo UM6


UM6 is a smart and easy to operate karaoke microphone of compact design. The reverberation effect can be changed by switching into a live, vocals or recording mode with just one button. With a 14 mm diaphragm, the digital reverberation condenser microphone has a high sensitivity and uses two-channel stereo reverberation for a lively concert effect. An integrated sound card and headphone amplifiers offer an experience of professionalism.

  • Manufacturer:
    Linxee (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing, China
  • Design:
    LKK Design Beijing Co., Ltd., Lixin Huo Mingyu Yao Zhihang Zhang Yichao Li, Beijing, China

Statement by the Jury

The UM6 karaoke microphone surprises with its handiness, and it provides the atmosphere of a concert stage with effortless ease thanks to its technically sophisticated interior.