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LeTV U4 Pro LBA-020-WW

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The LeTV U4 Pro LBA-020-WW is an Internet set-top box with integrated voice recognition which provides intelligent control and search by voice. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the remote control can be used in a simple way without directional restrictions. The box allows multimedia content such as films, sports shows or games to be streamed via Wi-Fi. In addition, apps for various purposes may be installed. With its purist design, the box can be put to use everywhere, blending into any interior. As it is very lightweight and flat, the unit can be easily taken along and used together with any HD screen equipped with Wi-Fi.

Statement by the Jury

This compact set-top box captivates with its minimalist design. Thanks to Wi-Fi, it can be connected effortlessly to any screen.

  • Manufacturer:
    LeEco, Beijing, China
  • In-house design:
    Duo Li, Zhi Wang