Voice Assistant Speaker


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Optimised for use in kitchens and living rooms, the LF-S50G smart speaker delivers natural 360-degree sound to every corner of the space. It can be controlled with language and gestures so that touching the unit with messy hands, for instance during cooking, is avoided. With its soft round form, it renders a congenial appearance. It is tolerant of falls and impact with remarkable durability. The speaker mesh is water-repellent as well as washable and interchangeable.

Statement by the Jury

The LF-S50G convinces with its durable exterior as well as the voice and gesture control serving as an intelligent helper for any given situation.

  • Manufacturer:
    Sony Video & Sound Products Inc., Tokyo, Japan
  • Design:
    Sony Corporation, Morio Omata Naoto Shimizu Michio Deguchi, Tokyo, Japan