Air Purifier

LG Furniture Air Purifier


This air purifier is reminiscent of a piece of furniture in both its form and the materials used. Its wood and metal casing blends harmoniously into living rooms and bedrooms. In addition, the lighting at the foot of the device also contributes to a conclusive room atmosphere. For filter replacement or water refills, the air purifier opens easily almost like a drawer. Another practical detail is the sleep mode, which guarantees quiet and safe operation.

  • Manufacturer:
    LG Electronics Inc., Seoul, South Korea
  • In-house design:
    Seungho Baek Chinsoo Hyon Yunseo Jang Jaeyoung Jo

Statement by the Jury

The air purifier skilfully combines an elegant look with practical functions. Inspired by the design of furniture, its appearance blends naturally into living spaces.