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LG SIGNATURE Bottom Freezer

LG SIGNATURE Bottom Freezer | Red Dot Design Award

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In line with the times

Since refrigerators are an important part of everyday life, they are always a direct expression of the spirit of the times. In developing the LG SIGNATURE Bottom Freezer, the design identity of the French Door model of the series has been retained and further developed to impressive effect in terms of functionality and ergonomics. While the rails of the wine cellar shelves are in general fixed on the inside of the refrigerator, the shelf design of this model has combined the cantilever and the under-rail. This delivers flexibility to users by allowing individual layouts. A central aspect of the aesthetics is the use of high-quality wood materials for the wine bottle shelf part, paired with aluminium on the shelf front. This creates a sense of visual unity with the elegant-looking metal finished exterior of the refrigerator. Responding to the high demands of wine connoisseurs, the upper refrigerator deck features separate temperature controls for the red wine, white wine and champagne zones. Also highly convenient is the drawer with automatic lift function applied to the lower deck, eliminating the need for users to bend down when using it. In addition, the refrigerator also impresses with an automatic door-opening function, as well as a sophisticated lighting concept. As with the French Door model, when tapping on the refrigerator door pane, the knock-on function activates the lighting and allows a view into the interior without users having to open the door.

Statement by the Jury

The LG SIGNATURE Bottom Freezer achieves an impressive combination of functionality, aesthetics and convenience. It boasts a sophisticated design, an innovative lighting concept as well as highly practical functions including its sensor-controlled door-opening mechanism. The wine refrigerator delivers perfectly designed ergonomics and conveys exclusivity through the use of high-quality materials. Generating its own design idiom, it enriches almost any environment.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    LG Electronics Inc., Seoul, South Korea
  • In-house design:
    Seonil Yu Kyukwan Choi Daesung Lee Yong Kim Hyun Choi
LG SIGNATURE Bottom Freezer | Red Dot Design Award
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