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LG Signature R9

LG Signature R9 | Red Dot Design Award

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New freedom

Dedicated to lending ever-advancing technology an adequate form, the OLED television has undergone a remarkable evolutionary development since its debut. Against this backdrop, the new design of the LG Signature R9 opens up exciting new paths. This television adopts the innovative, multifunctional concept of a foldable, on-demand screen. Consistently integrated into the housing, it can be rolled out easily for use and rolled up again when not in use. This gives users a new kind of freedom, offering significantly more possibilities in placing and thus integrating a TV into a given interior. When the screen is rolled up, the unit turns into a piece of furniture or accessory that serves as a high sound quality audio player. The refined rectangular geometric design of the TV frame has been carefully honed. Since the frame and stand are made of real metal, the device is extremely stable and reveals a highly aesthetic silhouette in almost any space. The Kvadrat fabric applied onto the front speaker conveys a warm and emotionalising look and feel, while the self-explanatory cable management function is highly practical. Complementing the ultrahigh resolution of the screen, the LG Signature R9 features a powerful 100-watt 4.2-channel sound system for realistic sound field experiences. It thus allows image and sound to be enjoyed at the highest level.

Statement by the Jury

The LG Signature R9 OLED TV opens up new usage scenarios. Its high-resolution screen can be easily rolled out and up again as needed, which allows the device to be placed almost anywhere in a given room. Also, the brand-typical details of the LG Signature series have been skilfully implemented here in a wellproportioned and balanced design. Highly aesthetic and functional, this TV embodies a perfect merger of technology and design.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    LG Electronics Inc., Seoul, South Korea
  • In-house design:
    Seonkyu Kim Cheolwoong Shin Minjae Lee Hyunbyung Cha Yunjoo Kim Young Kyung Kim
LG Signature R9 | Red Dot Design Award
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