Liechtensteinische ­Landesbank Annual Report 2015

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The LLB Group’s successful completion of its corporate strategy in the 2015 business year inspired this annual report aimed at promoting the dynamic impact of its StepUp2020 strategy. The new strategy is visualised through the figure of a traceur who sees opportunities, not obstacles, as he makes his way through an urban parkour landscape. When balancing skilfully on a wall or using momentum to glide along a railing, the traceur hints at the qualities of inventiveness, skill and discipline so important to the LLB Group in stepping towards the future.

  • Art Direction:
    Lorenzo Geiger
  • Project Management:
    Werner Rudolf
  • Graphic Design:
    Tina Braun
  • Client:
    Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG, Vaduz
  • Design:
    Eclat AG, Zurich
  • Photography:
    Scanderbeg Sauer Photography, Zurich
  • Creative Direction:
    Anna-Caroline Pflug