Red Dot Design Award
Light & Sound Installation

Light Cloud

Light Cloud | Red Dot Design Award

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The “Light Cloud” is a sculpture composed of 576 OLED panels. It is based on the concept of transforming the invisible processes, idea flows and innovations of the Merck Group. In the sense of an endlessly mirrored space of transition that links the two parts of the building, the generative light and sound sculpture is defined as an intelligent system that interacts constantly with people with the help of sensors. Data, emotions and memories coalesce in the sculpture into an audiovisual artwork. By means of 85 linear, generative and interactive scenes, it creates a synaesthetic cosmos in which ideas of connectedness, collaboration and innovation can be experienced.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
  • Design:
    TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE, Berlin, Germany
  • Creative Direction:
    Marc Tamschick
  • Art Direction:
    Petra Trefzger
  • Lighting Design:
    Riccardo Torresi
  • Music /  Sound Design:
    Kling Klang Klong Berlin, Germany Asako Fujimoto Berlin, Germany Niki Neecke Berlin, Germany
Light Cloud | Red Dot Design Award