Red Dot Design Award

Lighting Reactive

Lighting Reactive | Red Dot Design Award

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Lighting Reactive is conceived by studies of different LED wavelengths. It is a plastic material that has different levels of LED transmittance, depending on the material’s thickness. When this enchanting black-toned plastic is backlit with an LED light source, the different thicknesses of the materials cause the LED light to appear as multiple colours, and a delicate gradation of reds to greens and blues to purples creates a scene (spot-type or stripe-type). Through LOTTE Advanced Materials’ colour technology, this unique plastic produces multiple colours from a single material and a single light source. Lighting Reactive’s unexpected emotional interaction not only offers an unusual experience, but also provides both functional and aesthetic value when fused into a product.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    LOTTE Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., Korea, Republic Of
  • Team Lead:
    Kahng Sookyung
  • Design:
    Chae Soohyun, Kim Jaekyung
Lighting Reactive | Red Dot Design Award