Line of Spices


The products of the young gastronome Barbara Wild communicate her innovative spirit and her commitment to high quality standards. Together with her head chef, she developed a line of spices for five different food categories. Employing both, text and graphics, the packaging series refers to popular cooking topics. Onomatopoeic, animal-related product names, such as Muh, Roar, Oink, Piep and RRR, display a great sense of humour while pointing to the foodstuffs that they are best used for and creating a distinctive, highly recognisable product range.

  • Client:
    Gasthof Wälderhof, Lingenau
  • Design:
    zurgams Kommunikationsagentur GmbH, Dornbirn
  • creative direction:
    Jörg Ströhle
  • art direction:
    Thomas Gschossmann