Lingua Digitalis

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Pictograms are a form of language that are understood by people all over the world and which, thanks to the global proliferation of apps, have gained enormous rele-vance. Following on from the books “Lingua Grafica” and “Lingua Universalis”, “Lingua Digitalis” illustrates the development of icons, pictograms and logos for digital media. Compiling more than a thousand examples and, to some extent, unpublished pictograms, the book explains the development process of a work from a strategic point of view and shows how to gain access to complex or abstract tasks via a diversity of platforms. Lingua Digitalis thus constitutes both a tool and adviser for everyday design activities. Its layout is marked by a clear and distinctive design that conveys the content in both German and English, and, above all, visually, thus providing insights into a rich universal world of images – for global communication beyond words. Statement by the jury »Lingua Digitalis is a further demonstration of the continuous work of Mutabor on the contemporary culture of images. The book not only demonstrates how versatile and vivid pictograms are in use; with its clear and engaging design it also conveys a sense of the fun that working with pictograms can be.«

  • Client:
    Die Gestalten Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin
  • Design:
    Mutabor Design GmbH, Hamburg
  • creative direction:
    Patrick Molinari
  • art direction:
    Steffen Granz
  • design team:
    Cynthia Waeyusoh, Julia Görlitz, Florian Hechinger, Stefan Mückner
  • project management:
    Birte Schumacher
  • final artwork:
    Susanne Weber, Sarah Winkelmann, Thorsten Keller, Patricia Sutor, Claudia Mäurer