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Linked | Red Dot Design Award

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For more than 40 years, the German based Janoschka with its broad spectrum of prepress products and services has been part of the international packaging printing industry. Linked is Janoschka’s annual client magazine, and it is published once a year. The editorial concept combines information and entertainment. It opens surprising perspectives on the world of brands and packaging, as well as on highly unusual jobs in trades and technology. With its memorable and moving stories, the magazine is certainly a good read, spanning the gulf between innovative technologies and centuries-old traditions.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Janoschka Holding GmbH, Kippenheim, Germany
  • Design:
    Patrick Brandecker, Aalen, Germany
  • Concept / Editor-in-Chief:
    Corina Prutti das komm.büro Munich, Germany
Linked | Red Dot Design Award