Corporate Identity

Liszt Academy

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Liszt Academy, a 139 years old Hungarian institution of world renown reopened on 22 October 2013. The Communications Directorate led and founded by director Imre Szabó-Stein had the aim to build a world brand for the university and concert centre. Allison Advertising translated his ideas for the new image and communications portfolio into a visual language reflecting the motto of the new image “patina and progression” with artistic illustrations, abstract photographs and a gold-coloured ornamentation underlining the importance of the Academy as an emblematic Budapest institution.

  • Client:
    Liszt Academy
  • Design:
    Allison Advertising, Budapest
  • Creative Direction/ Project Management:
    Imre Szabó-Stein
  • Strategic Planning:
    Liszt Academy, Communications Directorate
  • Design Team:
    Robert Gács, Anna Farkas, Gergő Cuba, Imre Szabó-Stein, Ágnes Varga