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Look Twice

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The objective of the Mercedes-Benz advertising campaign is to explain how the Blind Spot Assist works, so that people understand it at first sight. As it is technically rather complex and hard to convey, the advertisement focuses on its core feature: this assist enables drivers to look straight ahead and to the side simultaneously. The combination of a front-shot and a side-shot of a person created an astounding illusion: the person in the picture seems to look at the same time straight ahead and to the side.

  • Client:
    Daimler AG, Stuttgart
  • Design:
    Jung von Matt, Hamburg
  • executive creative direction:
    Alexander Norvilas
  • art direction:
    Felix Fenz
  • creative direction:
    Jesús González Rodríguez
  • artist:
    David Wegener
  • text:
    Klaus Merz