Love Meat Tender

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Creating a restaurant dedicated to the preparation of finest steaks, Mola has cooked a recipe with the three secrets passion, exclusivity and exigency so that the steak is truly juicy and full of tenderness. The visual identity of this fast food restaurant focuses on the impact of its catchy logotype. Alluding to a classic by Elvis Presley, the restaurant name Love Meat Tender conveys the pleasure of indulging in an excellently prepared steak. The logo has the three-dimensional silhouette of a steak and is applied in either black-and-white or red-and-white. When it comes to further advertising material, the company name is invoked as a claim, printed in capitals that look like flames or steaks.

  • Client:
    Love Meat Tender, Guimarães
  • Design:
    Mola Ativism, Linda-a-Velha
  • creative direction:
    Rui Morais
  • graphic design:
    Rui Morais
  • strategic planning:
    Vasco Durão
  • project management:
    Ligia Mateus
  • industrial design:
    Carlos Cardoso