Red Dot Design Award
Tabletop Fire Pit

Lovinflame Tabletop Fire Pit 240

Lovinflame Tabletop Fire Pit 240 | Red Dot Design Award

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The proprietary stainless-steel wick and non-toxic fuel of this environmentally friendly tabletop fire pit allows for clean, smoke- and odour-free flames. The fuel has a high flash point of 104 degrees centigrade, thus minimising the risk of flare-ups of the flames. The freestanding, portable tabletop fire pit comes with angled glass inserts to stabilise airflow and enhance the fire’s aesthetics while simultaneously dissipating heat. The wick burns for more than 2,000 hours, thus allowing sustainable use.

Statement by the Jury

Safety is the focus of the innovative design of this tabletop fire pit that makes for a captivating eye-catcher in any home.

Red Dot Design Award