Digital Event Communication

Lufthansa Trade Fair Stand ITB 2012

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At the Lufthansa exhibition stand at the ITB trade fair, digital attractions exuded pure holiday fun while simultaneously providing information about the services of the new brand Lufthansa Holidays. The focus was on audience-grabbing digital entertainment applications that drew upon augmented reality effects, where portrait photos of the stand visitors were “decorated” with amusing accessories or epigrams in thought bubbles. The interactive applications were presented in high-quality 3D models, such as a model of a giant camera.

  • Client:
    Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Frankfurt/Main
  • Design:
    people interactive GmbH, Cologne
  • creative direction:
    Dr. Tillman Bardt
  • concept:
    Thomas Hornstein
  • graphic design:
    Mathias Fritzen
  • strategic planning:
    Elke Mallmann
  • project management:
    Sarah Heintzmann
  • programming:
    Sven Bröker