Lyra iN

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The whirlpool made of acrylic and thermo wood is designed for all-season outdoor use. The spa control accommodates numerous features, which are intuitively controllable. The shape of the loungers allows people of different body size to fix their legs in the desired massage posi-tion. The multi-colour light system and the combination of water therapy, chromotherapy and aromatherapy are controlled by illuminated piezo keys, while the display is arranged separately in the basin. In addition to operational information, it indicates duration of bathing and outdoor temperature.

Statement by the Jury

Intuitive control, comfortable reclining – thanks to conclusive and elaborate functional details, it is a pleasure to relax in the whirlpool.

  • Manufacturer:
    USSPA, Dolní Dobrou, Czech Republic
  • In-house design:
    Petr Slanina
  • Design:
    Divan Design s.r.o., Filip Streit, Prague, Czech Republic