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M1 is a dynamic modern electric scooter that was developed as a means of transport for young urban people. It reflects a trendy and sustainable lifestyle; therefore aiming to be fitting for the future. A slim and modern appearance and intuitive operation charaterise the M1 in particular. The plastic housing was designed to be very minimalist, as if made from one piece, in order to keep the aesthetic quality clear and clean. With the compact shock absorbers and the high strength aluminium alloy swingarm, the machine displays a high driving performance. It also scores in terms of safety and comfort. The round LED front light, which is a distinguishing characteristic of the company, features an intelligent light sensor that automatically adapts to strong and weak lighting.

Statement by the Jury

The reduced, compact design of the M1 electric scooter is impressive. It lives up to the expectations of its young target group as well as to the principle of sustainability.

  • Manufacturer:
    Jiangsu Niu Electric Technology Co., Ltd., Changzhou, China
  • Design:
    Niu Innovation Lab (Token Hu), Shanghai, China