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Starting with a property in an unfavoured area in Frankfurt/Main and with a negative history of the building, a marketing strategy that went beyond classic real estate marketing was developed. For the communication concept “MA – Wohnen anders” (“MA –living differently”) a self-contained language was conceived that challenges existing patterns of thought, asking “Kann man Glück wohnen?” (“Can you live luck?”). The magazine-style layout of the brochure combines a cosmopolitan image language with short information in texts and eye-catching graphical elements.

  • Client:
    Material Arts GmbH, Frankfurt/Main
  • Design:
    Nordisk Büro Plus GmbH, Frankfurt/Main
  • creative direction/concept:
    Frank Lottermann, Lorenzo Bizzi, Ulf Appel
  • art direction:
    Florian Dylus, Hanna Blumenrath, Achim Römer
  • graphic design:
    Frank Lottermann, Florian Dylus, Hanna Blumenrath
  • text:
    Hanna Blumenrath, Frank Lottermann, Susanne Müller-Schunck