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The Mac Pro first appeared on the market in 2006. Conceived as a workstation computer with a tower housing, it offers users numerous areas of application. For the current Mac Pro, the architecture of all internal components has been changed completely. The design is based on a central thermal nucleus, which has also led to a new use of form. To users, it has the appearance of an exclusive, geometric object with a very precisely defined, narrow housing made of high quality materials. Subsequent elaborate polishing and anodising give it a sensuous touch. At a height of only 25.1 cm and with a diameter of 16.7 cm, the Mac Pro is surprisingly compact. It will even have enough space on a small home-office desk, and it is also quiet and very light. The new holistic concept behind the Mac Pro combines very high performance with extreme speed. An innovative cooling system, a dual graphic card of desktop PC quality and newly developed Intel Xeon processors are part of the package. The intuitive control surface offers users access to convincing flash-drive storage functions. Based on an integrating approach, this has resulted in a Mac Pro that is an exciting computer archetype – a symbol of the new.

Statement by the Jury

The Mac Pro redefines computers. Its iconographic use of form is just as fascinating as is the way in which the user can interact with it. The precisely built housing hides innovative technology squeezed into the tiniest of spaces. Users will notice the quality of the Mac Pro and be astounded at how well everything is organised. This computer is also surprising for its high performance and storage capacity.

  • Manufacturer:
    Apple, Cupertino, USA
  • In-house design:
    Apple, Cupertino, USA
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