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MacBook Air

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Airy shape It translates the aesthetics of the iMac into the form of a laptop. The design of the MacBook has always been clearly recognisable as a part of the Mac family – an appearance that is clear, user-friendly and portable. The design of the MacBook Air now adds new characteristics to the aesthetics and portability of a laptop. Highly interesting is the construction principle of this notebook: instead of being assembled from many individual components, the unibody casing is milled from a single piece of aluminium. This has made the MacBook Air very light with a weight of only 1.36 kg and highly sturdy for everyday use. Appealing and comfortable is the new kind of illumination for the 13.3” widescreen display and the keyboard: the display is backlit by power-efficient LEDs, which are also easy on the environment because they are manufactured without the use of mercury and arsenic. In addition, the MacBook Air features a built-in ambient light sensor to automatically adjust keyboard illumination and display brightness for ideal visibility. These alongside other details of its design, such as an LED that is activated in stand-by mode and gently shines through the surface of the casing, define the friendly and sensuous appearance of this notebook. Its distinctive design establishes a relationship with the user and is continued in the redesigned trackpad: as the result of an interdisciplinary development process, the trackpad presents an intelligent and ergonomically well thought-out area for interaction. Users experience the MacBook Air as overtly sophisticated and highly distinctive in terms of its functionality. It showcases a light and airy appearance – like a breeze blowing from the future of portable communication.

  • Manufacturer:
    Apple, Inc., USA
  • In-house design:
    Apple, Inc., USA
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