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Macht & Design, Kunst & Design Power & Design, Art & Design

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In order to depict the assumption that the power of religion, political parties and brands became manifested through design, the poster for “Macht & Design” (power & design) shows a collage of strong symbols. Their central arrangement underscores the influence of the ideas behind them. The poster “Kunst & Design” (art & design) shows a collage of famous items from art and design. It underlines not only the question as to what their differences and similarities are, but also points out that art needs designed objects and communication in order to be successful in the economy of attention.

  • Client:
    Folkwang University of the Arts, Campus Wuppertal
  • Design:
    Andreas Golde, Thomas Kühnen, Wuppertal
  • text:
    Dr. Bernhard Uske