Corporate Identity, Brand Story

Madam Sixty Ate

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The objective here was to create a strong brand based on the restaurant name Madam Sixty Ate, a word play on the address 60 Johnston Rd, Shop 8. The corporate identity is centred on a mythical character whose open world view is reflected in the style of the food. Illustration and sketches, together with handwritten notes of stories, are reminiscent of journal entries and can be found on the menu, on coasters and ultimately also in the cuisine. A visit to this restaurant resembles a journey during which customers discover new animal and plant species.

  • Client:
    Atelia Corporation Limited, Hong Kong
  • Design:
    Substance, Hong Kong
  • creative direction:
    Maxime Dautresme
  • graphic design:
    Jeremy Huen
  • text:
    Lynette Chiu
  • illustration:
    Vincent Wong