Travelling Exhibition


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Celebrating the 200-year anniversary of the Brothers Grimm collection of fairy tales, the Goethe-Institut sent fairy tales around the world in a travelling exhibition. The tales about magic, heroes and villains are told at seven groves with seven treasure chests, while interactive sections introduce the German language in a playful way. Visitors have to take tests only heroes can pass, they are led into a world of evil by means of a voice distorter, and can further develop the “never-ending story” while sitting at escritoires. The modules may be placed flexibly in very different types of locations.

  • Client:
    Goethe-Institut, Munich
  • Design:
    krafthaus – Das Atelier von facts and fiction, Cologne
  • concept:
    Hendrik Pletz
  • text:
    Jörg Krauthäuser
  • customer advisory service:
    Kristine Fester