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Magic Radio

Magic Radio | Red Dot Design Award

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Magic Radio is an AI robot that creates a living space for digital characters. Do you still remember the fantasies in your mind as a child? Children watch a character through a little window whole a sound and shadow show piques their imagination. Each Magic Radio chatbot has its own scenarios. They will engage the child about things that happen in their minds and their imaginary worlds. Parents simply have to select the child’s preferred chatbot. As the child grows, the characters and scenes change accordingly. The default mode of Magic Radio is the alarm clock mode. But with a touch of the “doorbell” button, the child rings up the chatbot character, who appears at the window to interact with the child. The character can also fade behind the screen while only sounds are played, and appear as shadows behind the screen. This is inspired by “asynchronism” – a montage techniques used in filming that allows the viewer to draw associations between visuals and sounds freely – and creates even more room for imagination. Magic Radio always records and analyses the behaviour of the child to provide feedback for the parents. An APP is also designed to accompany Magic Radio. It can be used to change the background, update characters, send a gift or allow parents to narrate for the character themselves.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Microsoft Research Asia, China
  • Team Lead:
    Dr. Zhao Chunshui
  • Design:
    Dr. Guo Baining, Lu Nannan, Qu Lei, Zhang Chaojie