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Magic wand

Magic wand | Red Dot Design Award

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For frequent business travellers, wrinkled clothes become a problem when ironing services or equipment are not available. To tackle this problem, we designed the Magic Wand portable steam iron device. Our biggest challenge is in tackling a steam iron's need for a water tank. As such, Magic Wand is designed to use common plastic bottles as a water tank. This greatly reduces the size of the iron while also promoting upcycling. Once connected to a filled plastic bottle, the iron retrieves water through a gravity ball mechanism that allows water to be absorbed whichever way the iron is tilted. This allows full, multi-directional motion in the ironing process. All the functions of a steam iron are packed into a very compact structure that employs mature technology. With one full charge, Magic Wand is enough to power one person's worth of ironing load.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design studio:
    Guangzhou Husky Design Co. Ltd, China, China
  • Team Lead:
    Kinson Chan
  • Design:
    Rice Mak
Magic wand | Red Dot Design Award