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Magnetic Suction Clip

Magnetic Suction Clip | Red Dot Design Award

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Magnetic Suction Clip is made of a magnetic material and a non-polluting silicone material. The silica gel that wraps around a magnetic core creates a kind of invisible beauty. The soft silicone maintains the integrity of the product appearance, but with added friction and a good touch. The silica gel compresses when pressed, giving the product a soft and tactile experience. The magnetic surfaces are attracted to each other and can be clamped in both directions or used independently. The difference in the angle of the clip also makes it possible to be used as a hook. Its form and the silica texture works as a wire organiser that sorts things such as data lines, headphone cables, fixed data lines, etc. Magnetic Suction Clip encourages the user to redefine the perceptions of products through thought and exploration and solve the small problems in life skilfully.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design Studio:
    Feish Design Co., Ltd., China
  • Team Lead:
    Yu Tong
  • Design:
    Wang Shibo