Helicopter Cabin Interior

MAGnificent for the Bell 525

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The new cabin interior for the Bell 525 gives the ambiance of a luxurious limousine to the helicopter interior. The owner will be able to choose amongst various configurations as well as between numerous colour combinations and a variety of options for the customisation of furnishings, consoles and seats. Included in the equipment are the noise abatement system “Silens” and the in-flight entertainment and lounge system “Ifeel”, both MAG proprietary systems. Everything, from the dimmable-electrochromic windows to audio and video systems and mood lighting, can be controlled via a mobile device recognised by the NFC.

Statement by the Jury

High-quality details and equipment features, integrating intelligent technology as well as a high level of operating convenience, underline the premium standard of the Bell 525 MAGnificient.

  • Manufacturer:
    Mecaer Aviation Group, Borgomanero (Novara), Italy
  • In-house design:
    MAG Design Studio (Alessandra Pasqua)