Camcorder Backpacks

Manfrotto Pro Light Cinematic


The camcorder backpacks are offered in two versions: Cinematic Expand can be extended to hold a modular camcorder with high handle. Cinematic Balance has ample room for a DSLR/CSC camera as well as a DJI-Ronin-M/MX gimbal. Both models have dedicated room for a monopod with fluid control, and feature a special trolley connection. The position of the divider in the interior can be individually arranged. The entire contents remain protected against extreme temperatures, UV radiation and wetness.

  • Manufacturer:
    Manfrotto, Cassola (Vicenza), Italy
  • In-house design

Statement by the Jury

The camcorder backpacks of the Manfrotto Pro Light Cinematic series provide sophisticated solutions for handling the complete product periph-ery equipment by one person.