Corporate Identity


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The comprehensive visual identity of the Slovenian Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) was conceived as a frame within which the plethora of divergent fields covered by the museum can be highlighted. Architecture, graphic and industrial design as well as photography are integrated into the logo, featuring unique colouring and symbolism for each field. This design principle guarantees a high degree of recognition while at the same time allowing events, artists or works to be flexibly emphasised.

  • Client:
    MAO, Muzej za arhitekturo in oblikovanje / Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana project management Matev elik, Anja Zorko
  • Design:
    IlovarStritar, Ljubljana
  • creative direction:
    Jernej Stritar, Robert Ilovar
  • graphic design:
    Jernej Stritar, Robert Ilovar, Miha Kosma, Kaja Kopitar
  • programming: