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Christmas Mailing

Marken bauen

Marken bauen | Red Dot Design Award

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KMS TEAM, a company specialised in brand strategy, brand design and brand communication, set out to design a unique Christ-mas gift for its customers and partners with reference to the individual recipients. The result was a personalised set of Legos arrayed as a conference room – with the logo of each recipient integrated as a projected image. With the German headline “Marken bauen” (Building brands), the enclosed greeting card highlights the sender’s core competence, thus reinterpreting and transforming a classic gift into a friendly communication medium.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    KMS TEAM, Munich
  • Design:
    KMS TEAM, Munich
  • art direction:
    Bruno Marek
  • concept:
    Knut Maierhofer (Managing Partner, Design), Michael Keller (Managing Partner, Creation), Christoph Rohrer (Managing Partner, Strategy), Armin Schlamp (Managing Director, Consulting)
  • graphic design:
    Gabriel Weiss
  • project management:
    Angelika Kresiment
  • motion design:
    Cecil V. Rustemeyer
  • production:
    Christina Baur
Marken bauen | Red Dot Design Award
Marken bauen | Red Dot Design Award