Moving Illustration

Marsch marsch ins Beet | March, march into the garden

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In 2014, visitors to the Open Air Museum in Detmold, Germany, are free to explore the annual exhibition in the 220-acre compound. The special highlights of the 22 different exhibition stops are the manually operated exhibits, which make basic principles easy to grasp and supplement this information with simple graphics. For example, visitors can learn about “crop rotation”, which entails dividing a garden into plots that are used differently on a yearly basis to increase the success of the harvest. Such principles are communicated intuitively by literally using a wheel to rotate the illustration.

  • Client:
    LWL-Freilichtmuseum Detmold, Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Volkskunde, Detmold
  • Design:
    DBCO GmbH, Münster
  • Creative Direction:
    Stefanie Gärtner
  • Art Direction/Graphic Design:
    Rabea Köjer
  • Project Management:
    Christian Oberteicher
  • Controlling:
    David Bücker
  • Scientific Editing:
    Britta Humberg
  • Construction Planning:
    Philipp Söhnel