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Megahealth Ring | Red Dot Design Award

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Perfectly shaped

Regular monitoring of health data provides important information about both a person’s fitness and possible health issues. The Megahealth Ring is a comfortably wearable finger ring-like device, which has been certified according to the Chinese CFDA Class II for medical devices and is targeted for clinical use in hospitals. It enables the continuous, precise measurement of a patient’s pulse frequency and the oxygen saturation of the blood. The integrated sensor technology works with three wavelengths in red, green and infrared in order to determine the blood oxygen content by determining the light absorption when the skin is illuminated. In addition to daily health monitoring, it also offers screening for diseases such as chronically obstructed pulmonary disease (COPD) or sleep apnoea /  hypopnoea syndrome (SAHS). The design of the device is based on the maxims of functionality and aesthetics. The elastic structure of the embedded sensor and the inner arch of the ring are ergonomically shaped to offer a perfect fit and prevent it from slipping off the finger. As a result, the data is recorded reliably and continuously. The innovative algorithm of the Megahealth Ring pulse oximeter for the measurement of the blood’s peripheral oxygen saturation makes the device resistant to motion artefacts. In addition, it can also serve as heart rate measuring device while running, swimming or cycling and features a step counting function.

Statement by the Jury

The Megahealth Ring offers a maximum level of comfort thanks to its sophisticated technology and ergonomic, slim shape. Produced within a fully potting process, the device is light, of high waterproof grade and ensures good biocompatibility. Going hand in hand with a high level of measurement precision, the good fit and the intelligent, fault-resistant technology guarantees all parameters to be determined accurately. This makes the pulse oximeter highly user-friendly and practicable in use.

Red Dot Design Award

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