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Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Configurator

Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Configurator | Red Dot Design Award

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The goal in creating the Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Configurator was to present an innovative and emotionally appealing alternative to existing vehicle configurators in the automotive industry. The sheer number of models, body styles and engine variants has made the vehicle selection process increasingly complex, so that customers unfamiliar with vehicle details have a hard time using such configurators. Therefore, the Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Configurator is based on a fundamentally different approach: instead of engine, colour and accessories, it puts the focus on the individual lifestyle of customers. The intelligent recommendation system analyses customer input data on aspects as diverse as favourite music style, architecture and travel destinations in order to come up with a truly individual vehicle recommendation. By describing their own lifestyle preferences, customers are thus smoothly presented with their best, individual vehicle configuration.

Statement by the Jury

The Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Configurator convinces by taking away customer fear of contact in planning the next vehicle purchase. It makes users feel they are an active part of the planning process by collecting and analysing soft factors that are more familiar to users than purely technical aspects of vehicles. The configurator thus leads customers through the decision process in a playful manner.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Digital Concept:
    Jens Schlüter, Markus Mannes, NOLTE&LAUTH GmbH
  • Programming:
    Sebastian Loose, Sebastian Luxem, NOLTE&LAUTH GmbH Thomas Niessen, SBN Data Technologies Hendrik Stange, Dr. Claus-Peter Buszello, Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS, Sankt Augustin
  • Design:
    Berylls Strategy Advisors GmbH, Munich NOLTE&LAUTH GmbH, Stuttgart
  • Client:
    Daimler AG, Stuttgart
  • Project Management:
    Malte Broxtermann, Rosita Kraus, Berylls Strategy Advisors GmbH Frank Sesselmann, NOLTE&LAUTH GmbH Armin Seidel, Daimler AG
Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Configurator | Red Dot Design Award
Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Configurator | Red Dot Design Award
Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Configurator | Red Dot Design Award
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