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“I set out to create a lamp by starting with the capacity for spatial separation of LEDs, scattering them to optimise the spread of light, but above all with the aim of giving each of these points of light its own independence,” designer Francisco Gomez Paz describes the fundamental idea behind the Mesh lamp. Based on experimentation with the potential of LEDs, a technology that permits separation into very small units, this lamp embodies an innovative interpretation of familiar chandeliers. It fascinates with a lightweight, almost transparent looking structure composed of a network of metal cables and with the LEDs artistically positioned at their intersections. This remarkable construction method conceals the complexity of the lamp and virtually dematerialises it. In addition, it also permits users a high degree of freedom in the control of the lamp’s luminance: not only is the intensity adjustable, it is also possible to choose which sectors to illuminate – an upper ring, the lower zone or a lateral sector can be illuminated by just one of the LEDs. By delivering the option to choose between different scenarios for individual light aesthetics, the Mesh suspension lamp can generate both an evocative overall atmosphere as well as dramatic lighting effects.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the Mesh lamp reinterprets the chan-delier in a consistently smart manner. The reduction to just a few basic elements made it emerge with an emotionalising design appearance. New materials combine with the potential offered by LED technology, leading to spectacular lighting results. The overly filigree design of this lamp lends itself to the creation of enchanting atmospheres in both classic and modern architectural spaces.

  • Manufacturer:
    Luceplan, Milan, Italy
  • Design:
    Francisco Gomez Paz, Salta, Argentina
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