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Methven Aio Aurajet

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Taking a shower constitutes a daily ritual of cleansing and relaxation for many people. Methven Aio Aurajet is a shower system that fascinates with a visual and material lightness. Marked by an impressive minimalism, the design of the shower heads significantly reduces the material volume. Showcasing an elegant and timeless design idiom, this shower system integrates seamlessly into bathroom interiors. Moreover, since it requires only a few installation steps, it can also be easily retrofitted to existing bathrooms. The system also impresses with a distinctive comfort. A simple hand rotation allows adjusting it to individual user preferences, making it switch effortlessly from the rain shower to the surprisingly light hand shower also located on the shower rod. The impressive shower experience is based on a consistently innovative technology. The water is guided by an ingenious principle in that the individual water jets are made to collide with precisely angled surfaces. The result is a spectacular shower experience by an even, powerful and voluminous spray mist that entirely immerses the user standing in the shower – it is also with this distinctive comfort that Methven Aio Aurajet sets new standards in the field of shower systems.

Statement by the Jury

This shower system convinces with its expressive, purist aesthetic. It features a timeless and elegant appearance that enriches almost any bathroom. Perfectly thought-through to the last detail, its design merges all elements into a consistent unity. The innovative jet technology is fascinating, offering an impressive degree of comfort. The system embodies a new dimension of showering.

  • Manufacturer:
    Methven Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand
  • In-house design:
    Methven Ltd