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In the early days of glassmaking, at a time when glass was first used for creating drinking vessels, glasses were handmade by artisans and carefully guarded like treasures by their users. The design concept of the MetroChic series ties in with this tradition of glass as a high-quality material. Against the background that for wine connoisseurs, for example, only a perfectly refined glass can bring out the true quality of a wine, this glass series presents itself with a high degree of intentional understatement. Specially designed for a discerning target group, the collection impresses with its iconic design and delicate finesse. The distinct and enticing shapes of the glasses are achieved through elaborate glassmaking by hand. Characterised by thin walls and filigree, long handles, the language of form of the MetroChic glass series projects an unobtrusive elegance with a high recognition value. At the same time, the glasses are concise and stylish thanks to the opulent and straight-lined tops. With their perfectly honed proportions, they rest well-balanced in the hand of users. This goes hand in hand with a highly developed functionality, since the wide oxidation surface and the formally tapering scent stack ensure perfect aroma transfer. The MetroChic collection is suitable for any occasion, where a refined staging is essential.

Statement by the Jury

With their unusual shape, the handmade glasses from the MetroChic series make a refined difference on any table. Straight lines and precisely honed radii combine to form a well-balanced and distinctively aesthetic appeal. The resulting slenderness and elegance of the collection is unmistakable. The glasses invite to extensively celebrate wines and other beverages, bringing out their aromas in perfection.

Red Dot Design Award

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