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Mi Baseboard Heater

Mi Baseboard Heater | Red Dot Design Award

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Natural shape

There are many impressive models for effective temperature regulation to be found in nature. Termites, for example, manage to maintain a constant temperature in their nests by using complicated rib-like systems. The Mi Baseboard Heater too has adopted the principle of natural convection in its construction. Its heating effect is based on the fact that cold air enters and rises from the bottom of the device, while hot air radiates from the top to form a convection effect. Compared to conventional fan heaters, the advantage of the convection principle is that it whirls up only little dust and therefore keeps the indoor air comparatively clean. At the same time, it lowers water evaporation, which in turn contributes to balancing the indoor humidity. This radiator captivates with a harmoniously balanced language of form. Its design incorporates the maxim of a unibody shape that unites all elements in a coherent manner. Aligning the radiating fins horizontally allowed for slimming down the entire body of the device. In addition, the waffle-shaped fins are perfectly hidden in the vent, ensuring an overall appearance that is clear and seamless as it does without visually disturbing elements. Designed especially for use in room corners, this radiator enriches any ambience. An accompanying app offers users the option of automatically controlling the heating schedule and adapting it to their daily needs and routine.

Statement by the Jury

With its clear and purist design, the Mi Baseboard Heater can be easily integrated into various modern interiors. Material, shape and function are of high quality. The simple and intuitive-to-understand control functions, which can be conveniently controlled using an app, are highly straightforward in use. Based on a subtle and sophisticated design, this device has emerged with an entirely new aesthetic for this type of radiator.

Red Dot Design Award

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