Infrared Thermometer

Microlife NC 200


The infrared thermometer Microlife NC 200 enables precise measurement of body temperature without touching the patient. Temperature is automatically taken when the device detects that it is within a distance of 1–5 cm from a person’s forehead. The positioning aid indicates the right distance for correct measurement as well as the end of the measuring process. With the colour change on the display, the Silent Glow technology indicates the measured temperature: green (a reading up to 37.4 degrees centigrade) or red (above 37.4 degrees centigrade).

  • Manufacturer:
    Microlife AG, Widnau, Switzerland
  • Design:
    Vetica Group, Luzern, Switzerland

Statement by the Jury

The Microlife NC 200 convinces with its straightforward controls, which provide clear user guidance and integrate very coherently into the overall form.